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November 2019 Archives

Guardians: What you need to know

When your child needs someone to care for them, they usually come to you. However, if there's ever a day when you can't be there, do you know who will take on that role? A guardian can be assigned to your child, and they can take your place when you cannot be there for them.

Can children say who they want to live with in court?

When you think about children having to go to court during their parents' divorce, you can imagine how complicated everything may seem to them. Children can be overwhelmed by court, which is why they are not normally part of the process.

Spousal support is still common: Here's what you should know

Spousal support is a complex topic, and many people try to avoid it because of the potential for it to be contentious. It is no secret that many people believe that spousal support is outdated. It was originally designed for women who would need to be cared for after a divorce due to limited job prospects. That isn't the reality today for most people, but support may still be necessary.

How to adjust your retirement plan after a divorce

Many couples throughout Fullerton and Orange County will go through a divorce. There is much to consider at this time, such as how you will divide custody between any children you share and who will get the family house. However, you also need to keep one eye toward the future and consider how this divorce will impact your retirement plans


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