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Avoid trouble and calm yourself before negotiating during divorce

During your divorce, it's normal to feel alienated, lonely and even depressed. You may have distanced yourself from your estranged spouse's family and your shared friends and started to move on.

There is no question that divorce is difficult, and the emotional toll it takes can impact the agreements you negotiate. It is important to try not to let your emotions dictate your decisions since you could accept arrangements that you might otherwise be unhappy with out of grief, guilt or other feelings.

Don't let your emotions dictate your divorce

When you're emotional, you may be more likely to agree to anything your estranged spouse wants just to get the divorce over with. You may have a short temper or say things in anger that you don't mean.

A good rule to implement during your divorce is to take time before responding to negotiations or requests. If you receive it on a Monday, give yourself until Wednesday to reply. Don't respond the same day unless you've really thought through the situation calmly and gotten the perspective you need to make a decision.

Taking extra time to calm your mind and think about the information that has been given to you will help you make decisions that you'll be satisfied with in the future. If you make decisions in the heat of the moment, you may later regret doing so and be unable to change your mind.

Having an experienced attorney by your side can help give you peace of mind. Your attorney will work closely with you to help you make the best choices during your negotiations.

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