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Guardians: What you need to know

When your child needs someone to care for them, they usually come to you. However, if there's ever a day when you can't be there, do you know who will take on that role? A guardian can be assigned to your child, and they can take your place when you cannot be there for them.

Guardianships of minors are simply legal relationships between children and their guardians. The relationship gives the guardians certain rights and responsibilities, but it won't severe your legal rights to care for or be with your child. Guardianships co-exist with the legal parent-child relationship.

If your children have a guardian, and you want to find out how to end the guardianship, then you should know that there are events that usually trigger the end of the guardianship role. The triggering events usually include:

  • A judge determining that a guardian isn't necessary or beneficial for the child in question
  • The death of the child
  • The age of the child reaches the legal age of majority
  • The child's financial assets are exhausted, and the sole purpose of the guardianship was to manage those assets
  • Guardians who seek to be removed from their position

Is a guardian ad litem the same as a legal guardian?

A guardian ad litem is a court-appointed representative. They are there to represent a minor in court during proceedings if the minor can't represent themselves. Attorneys or close relatives are normal choices for the role of a guardian ad litem.

If you are interested in learning more about guardianship, your attorney can give you the details and talk to you about assigning guardianship or what you need to do to end a guardianship.

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