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Spousal support: Designed for people who need extra help

Imagine relying on your spouse for everything you need. You might have stopped working to care for your children, due to illness or because of some other cause. Now, when you're totally reliant on their sole income for your family, they come to you and say that they want to get a divorce.

This is not an uncommon story for people going through divorce. In fact, there are many women and men who find themselves wondering how they're going to afford to live following their separation from their spouse.

That's why spousal support exists. It's for people who find themselves reliant on their spouses. They may have few other options than to seek support as they try to get back into the workforce or shore up their savings to make sure they can live independently without falling into debt or struggling to live comfortably.

What should you do if you want to receive spousal support?

If you are interested in receiving spousal support, it's a good idea to talk to your spouse directly about what you'd like. If you two can negotiate and come up with a fair amount of monthly support or a lump-sum alimony payment, then you can have the court approve that spousal support is needed and begin to receive it right away.

If you can't agree, then you may need to work with your attorney to help you negotiate or take your case to court, so you can get the support you need moving forward. Our site has more information on why spousal support is so important for people in your situation.

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