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Child at center of custody dispute found after 7 months

When there are disputes over child custody, those disputes can turn nasty. One parent might try to take their child without permission. Another might refuse visitation against court orders.

This kind of behavior isn't good for you or your child. If you are worried about the other parent kidnapping your child or fleeing with them, then it's time to reach out to your attorney and the court. You'll need evidence to support your claims, like text messages, Facebook posts or other information that might suggest that the other parent is planning to flee.

When a child does go missing, it can take time to get them back. Take, for example, this case involving a 5-year-old child who was taken from California seven months ago, according to the January report. The woman he was found with, his birth mother, had taken him without permission and fled to Washington. There, it was by happenstance that the child was seen with his mother in Walmart. The local police received information about the child's whereabouts from California detectives who had received new information on the child's location.

The detectives were able to review the surveillance footage from the store and recognized the woman and child. When they returned to the store again, the police were there to arrest her and to take her child into custody. Now, a local family member is watching over the little boy until his father can come to retrieve him.

Situations like this are hard, but it's always important for parents to know where their children are. No dispute is worth the trouble that fleeing with a child can cause.

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