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What should you remember about negotiating with a spouse?

Divorces are complex and difficult times in people's lives. Even if a person is happy to go through the divorce and to move on, it can be hard to take on the extra costs of living alone and the expense of a divorce.

To make your divorce easier, one thing that you may want to consider is negotiating with your spouse outside court. It might be hard to be around them right now, but if you are able to come up with a reasonable settlement agreement or custody arrangements that you both like, then you will spend less time in court and less money on your divorce.

How can you negotiate with your spouse?

To start with, it's smart to keep emotions out of the negotiating room. For example, if you ask your spouse to sit down and negotiate a settlement, you should approach it like a business deal. If there is a piece of furniture or an account that causes a conflict, skip it for the moment and come back to it. You want to resolve as much as you can without getting emotionally involved.

The few issues you have that you aren't able to resolve may be best resolved in mediation or arbitration. In worst-case scenarios, you can take the remaining issues to the judge for a decision to be made.

Divorces are different for every couple. Your attorney can talk to you about the factors that play a role in your divorce and what to expect if you decide to try alternative dispute resolution techniques or to turn to the court for help.

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