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Don't be afraid to talk about spousal support with your attorney

Spousal support isn't necessarily something you're going to be able to live on, but it can be a great help as you try to get on your feet. If you were supporting your spouse in the past but lost your job or raised a family while they worked, it's only fair to ask that they provide you with support while you get your career on track.

Many times, one spouse will stay home with their children or spend less time working to make sure the home is taken care of. It's not often that both people work full time or that both have the same income.

No matter what your situation is, if you're earning less than your spouse and are worried about your finances after divorce, you may want to look into spousal support. Spousal support:

  • Provides you with additional income to help raise your monthly income levels
  • Is designed to provide you with the support you need to maintain the same lifestyle (or a similar one)
  • Can provide temporary financial support while you go back to school or focus on your career

While some people argue that spousal support isn't fair in a society where both men and women have the option to work, the truth is that spousal support is a necessary payment for some people. It can truly help those who have less and may help lesser-earning spouses stabilize themselves financially.

Our website has more on spousal support and why it's such an important part of many divorces in America. It's a support that you have a right to seek and should fight for if you need it.

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