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Quarantining with your spouse? It might lead to divorce

It's probably not something most people think about when there are larger issues at play, but what do you think would happen if you were forced to quarantine with a spouse that you're divorcing? What would happen if you were forced to stay close to someone who you didn't get along with well anymore?

Interestingly, Xi'an, a Chinese city that was locked down, saw a significant rise in divorces after the end of the quarantine in that city. Couples who were stuck together at home for months ended up succumbing to marital strife and deciding to separate.

It's predicted that the divorce rate in America will also increase during and after the pandemic. Part of the reason is the time spent together in close quarters. Another reason could be arguments over cleanliness or being bothersome during time when they have to work at home. If there are already underlying issues, like resentment and poor communication, then it can be hard for a couple to make it through.

That isn't to say that a serious situation like this can't be beneficial to some relationships. It could mean you have to make time for each other and are forced to talk through issues you're going through. It can mean opening up communication and developing empathy toward one another.

Overall, it is going to be interesting to see how divorce rates change in America once all is said and done. From the studies that have been seen, divorces may rise quickly when the quarantines are released, but it is too soon to say so far in the United States.

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