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Relocating? Think about how it might affect your child

After you and your spouse divorce, you intend to move out of the area. Over time, you've realized that you're too far from your siblings and parents. Your family is hours away, and you don't feel like it's fair to you or your child.

Your spouse doesn't like this idea and wants to challenge your relocation. You had both thought you'd share custody, but with a few hours between your preferred cities, it may not be easy to have equal custody of your school-aged child.

What can you do?

Relocation cases are difficult, but there are a few factors that you should be able to consider when deciding how to split up your child's time and when determining if the relocation is fair. Some factors that might influence your case include:

  • How moving would positively influence your child
  • How often exchanges in custody would be possible
  • The willingness of parties to make such a long drive for custody purposes
  • Your child's preferences, if they're old enough to state them
  • Where the better schools are located
  • Where there is more support for raising a child

For example, if you move to the new area, which is known for excellent schools, and your current area has schools with a poor academic record, you may argue that the new school would give your child more opportunities. If you also have more time and greater support for yourself and your child in the new location thanks to the close proximity to your family, then those are all things that you and your spouse should consider.

This can be a contentious issue, but if you think things through, you may be able to come up with an amicable solution.

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