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Spousal support: Still necessary for many individuals

There are plenty of people who believe that alimony or spousal support no longer has a place in America. Today, both men and women can work. People can own their own property regardless of gender. There are few barriers to women working, and there are almost none for men.

As a result, it would make sense that some people think that spousal support is a left-over benefit from the past. However, it is still necessary in many cases.

Asking for spousal support doesn't mean it will be granted

To start with, it's important to realize that asking for spousal support isn't enough to guarantee that it will be granted. Spousal support is paid only when it makes sense for the court to do so. To show that support is fair, you will need to show your budget, your income and other aspects of your finances to show why you cannot support yourself and why support is warranted. For example, if you and your spouse have small children and you need to stay home with them, it makes sense for your spouse to pay spousal support for a while. On the other hand, if you work a high-paying job, there may be no reason for support at all.

If you need spousal support, what should you do?

If you do need spousal support, it's important that you start taking notes on your budget and earnings. Show how much you earn and where that money goes. You should show the cost of a mortgage or rent, utilities and other necessities. You and your spouse can negotiate directly after you have that budget prepared. If they are not willing to negotiate, you will still need these documents when you go to speak with the judge in court.

Our site has more on spousal support. It's not for everyone, but if you have the necessity, it's something you should request.

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