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May 2020 Archives

Think a 50-50 split isn't fair? You can fight it

In California, there is an expectation that divorcing couples split their marital property 50-50. For you, that's simply not going to work. Your spouse is leaving you for another person, and they've been spending money from your shared account on that other party. You want to make sure that you get your fair share out of what you own in your marriage, but you also feel that you should be repaid for all of the money you put in your account that went to pampering your spouse's new partner.

Choosing a guardian? Think carefully before you decide

You love your adult child, but you know that they will not be able to care for themselves if something happens to you. They are disabled, and though they try hard to provide for themselves, you still have to step in and help with their finances, getting to medical appointments and other simple needs.

Fighting for custody? Here's what to try

Your wife came to you asking for a divorce. You were happy to give it to her, because you knew that she wasn't happy. What you didn't expect her to do was to tell you that she was going to fight for sole custody of your child.

What custody arrangement is in your young child's best interest?

Divorces don't only affect the couple separating but the children involved as well. Young kids can be particularly impacted by their parents' divorce. This is why moms and dads should put the best interests of their children first. This is especially the case if a parent has a young daughter or son who's unable to express a preference for who they want to live with.


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