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Choosing a guardian? Think carefully before you decide

You love your adult child, but you know that they will not be able to care for themselves if something happens to you. They are disabled, and though they try hard to provide for themselves, you still have to step in and help with their finances, getting to medical appointments and other simple needs.

You know that a service could provide for them if you weren't available to care for them, but you want their care to be more personal. That's why you've chosen to add a guardian to your estate plan. The guardian you choose should be as dedicated to your child as you are, which has been hard to find.

When you choose a guardian, what should you consider?

When choosing a guardian, one thing to think about is if that person is capable of caring for someone with your child's disabilities. For example, if your child needs help with finances, then it would be fine for most adults to assist them. On the other hand, if they need physical support, such as someone to help them get dressed or ready for work, you might want to choose someone who is stronger or more familiar with them and their habits.

A guardian needs to want to care for your child, so you shouldn't surprise anyone with a guardianship. Talk to them in advance about your thoughts and ask if they would be willing to be a guardian for your child. They may surprise you and say that they'd be happy to, or they may say that they don't feel they're equipped to do so (mentally, physically or financially). Your attorney can talk to you more about choosing the appropriate guardian and the steps to take after you do.

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