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If you have issues with custody, you may need legal support

If you and your spouse or ex-spouse are having issues with child custody, it's a good idea to sit down and talk through the problems you're having. If your custody schedule isn't working for you or one of you wants more custody, then you may want to think about how you can be accommodating or what you can do to make the situation better.

With your original custody order, for example, you may have set up a 50-50 custody plan where you each see your child for two weeks at a time. That might have worked when your child was younger, but now that they're in school and busier, it doesn't make sense to have them go between homes during the school week. If you need to modify your schedule, it's possible to do so (and easier to do so if you both agree on a new schedule).

Every child custody case is a little different, so there could be many things that you want to discuss, such as:

  • Seeking a more reasonable visitation order if you were limited in the past
  • Moving out of the state with your children
  • Seeking supervised visitation
  • Adjusting your custody schedule

As your child ages and your own situations change, it's fair that you will need to adjust your custody schedule or arrangements. Your attorney can help you put together a new custody schedule or help you take your case to court if you cannot agree on a solution without a judge's intervention. Our website has more on custody and what to expect over time.

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