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Some cities have a higher risk of divorce in California

It's always interesting to know which areas have a high rate of divorce. Why? Knowing the cities where divorces take place can give you a good idea about the stress level and financial situations people are in there.

Divorce rates tend to correlate to money issues as well as high levels of stress. Isolating incidents, too, can result in spouses spending time together and learning that they've grown apart.

Reviewing the total percentage of residents who divorced in cities of 20,000 people or more, 24/7 Tempo put together a list of cities with the highest and lowest divorce rates.

Cities in California did make the list. Oildale is one. There, the median family income is well below the national average at just $44,349. There, 18.1% of the population is divorced and another 3.7% is separated.

Another city in California with a high divorce rate is Saratoga. The divorced population is 4.9%, and .8% of people are separated. The median income is much higher here, sitting at $198,112 compared to Oildale, which explains a much lower divorce rate comparatively.

Even fewer divorces take place in Maywood, California. There, 4.3% of the population is divorced and another 3.2% are separated. The median family income is again low at $43,324.

Looking at the statistics, it's clear that money isn't the only factor. However, families who struggle with money do tend to have a higher likelihood of a divorce over those issues and other stressors.

If you are considering a divorce, your attorney can help you look at your situation and decide if it's right for you. If so, you can move forward with filing and get started.

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