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You can reduce conflict and move forward with your divorce

With your divorce, your preference has always been to be able to settle outside court. You don't want to have conflicts or to drag out the divorce because you and your spouse don't get along.

Unfortunately, your spouse is not happy about the divorce, and they're not very willing to negotiate. When you do talk to each other, they constantly degrade you and lash out. It's expected, but it's not respectful or helpful when you're working on your divorce paperwork. All you want to do is finalize this divorce, so you can move on.

You can manage conflict during divorce

Reducing conflict is possible. You can't change the other person, but you can start changing the way that you react to them. To start with, one good tip is to make sure all of your discussions take place through voicemails, texts or other trackable means. For example, you may want to record your calls (so long as your spouse knows that they are recorded), so that you both are less likely to argue. Knowing that what you say could come back to haunt you later may help reduce unnecessary conflicts.

Another option is to negotiate through your attorneys. Though your spouse doesn't want to speak with you directly, your attorneys have no trouble talking with one another. Tell your attorney what you want out of your divorce and have them reach out to your spouse's attorney. Speaking through a middleman in this way can significantly minimize conflicts.

It may not be possible to completely eliminate conflicts during your divorce, but many people can find ways to move forward. Our website has more on how to manage your divorce and the steps it will take to finalize it.

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