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If you want spousal support, you should seek it out

You want to seek spousal support, but you're not sure if you should. You are already involved in a contentious divorce, and you really want to put an end to it as soon as you can.

Before you forget about getting spousal support, remember that you may be in a position where a court would order it. Your spouse may even recognize that you should be entitled to some kind of compensation because of your financial situation or how your marriage ended.

If you want spousal support, say so

Even if you think it will drag your divorce out longer, you should seek the support that you need. If you need spousal support and want to go after it, your attorney can help you negotiate for a fair amount.

What are some tips for negotiating spousal support?

There are a few good tips for negotiating spousal support including:

  • Knowing what you need versus what you want, so you know what you can or cannot accept
  • Being respectful when requesting support and explaining why it's needed and how it will help
  • Using active listening to understand the other party's concerns and to repeat those back to them. Understand where they're coming from, but be able to counter those concerns.
  • Being solution oriented. Look at ways to resolve this part of your divorce, and be willing to be flexible if you can.

Your attorney will fight for the amount of spousal support you deserve. If your spouse won't negotiate, then your attorney will help you present your request to the court for approval.

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