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Is it a good idea to date while going through a divorce?

Moving on during a divorce is something some people like to do. They may feel it's a good way to get over their ex or to try to start a new life with someone else they're interested in.

Is it a good idea, though, to do that? Could it affect your case if the judge sees that you're already moving on with someone else?

That depends on a few different factors. For example, in California, you already have a right to half your marital property. You may also be able to seek spousal support. However, if you move in with another person, like a boyfriend or girlfriend, that move could impact your right to spousal support.

Another thing to keep in mind is that the division of your assets could be questioned if you were spending down assets on dates with someone new or if a judge sees that you've moved and potentially hidden, assets.

It's generally a good idea not to date when you're going through a divorce. If you do, it can cause your spouse to become upset or to fight for a different share of assets, too.

What if you do decide to date during your divorce?

While it's not a great idea, if you do decide to date, you should do your best to minimize discussion about it. Don't post information about your dates on social media or spend assets that you haven't officially been granted without a property division agreement in place.

Our website has more information on what you should do to make your divorce easier on you. For now, if you can avoid dating during a divorce, it may be for the best.

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