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What is reasonable visitation, and how do you get it?

You don't want to divorce your spouse, but you have no choice because of their actions. Now, you have two children who are going through this tumultuous time with you.

Your spouse has been trying to get more custody than you think they should be entitled to. You want to make sure they get reasonable time with your children, but what exactly is reasonable? Can you seek reasonable visitation time yourself or for your spouse?

Understand the meaning of reasonable visitation in California

Reasonable visitation is a type of visitation order that is more open-ended than other kinds. This kind of plan is best for parents who get along and who are able to communicate about their children's needs well.

A reasonable visitation order doesn't have details about when your child will be with you or when they'll be with your spouse. Instead, you decide when they travel back and forth. The goal is that both parents come up with flexible scheduling that works for everyone's needs.

If your spouse is already trying to get more custody, using a reasonable visitation plan may not be a good choice. There are other options, like setting up visitation based on a schedule, which could work better for you.

If you and your spouse can't come up with a solution, you should know that the court will do so for you. The judge will make a plan for your child based on their best interests, their age, their health and other factors. To avoid having a judge decide on this sensitive topic, you may want to work on a solution with your attorney's help.

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