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September 2020 Archives

Narcissistic ex? Remember these points if you share children

Parents who are divorced still have to work closely with each other to raise their children. While many can do this without any issues, there are some instances in which it's nearly impossible to co-parent successfully. One of these is when there is a narcissistic parent in the picture.

What are the downsides of prenuptial agreements?

If you got married and have a prenuptial agreement, you may be worried about how it will affect you in divorce. There are pros and cons to having a prenuptial agreement in place. While a prenuptial agreement may have been well-intended, you and your spouse may later find that it doesn't really address the situation you're in currently.

What is parental gatekeeping, and how does it affect children?

If you heard that parental gatekeeping might be a problem in your divorce, then you may be concerned about what it is. It refers to when a parent affects the other parent-child relationship in either a positive or negative way.

Even with community property laws, property division can be hard

Dividing your property during a divorce isn't always going to be easy, but with California's community property laws, you are in a good position to receive at least half of your marital assets. This protection is designed to help you get an equal share of your assets, since a married couple is seen as a partnership with equal involvement.


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