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Narcissistic ex? Remember these points if you share children

Parents who are divorced still have to work closely with each other to raise their children. While many can do this without any issues, there are some instances in which it's nearly impossible to co-parent successfully. One of these is when there is a narcissistic parent in the picture.

If you'll be sharing child custody with an ex who's a narcissist, you're going to have to plan everything you do very carefully. You probably already know what tactics your ex is going to use to get their way. Try to remember those because they'll likely use them again when things aren't going their way with the children.

One of the hallmarks of the narcissist is that they aren't willing to compromise. Instead, they want everything done their way. This can lead to them trying to manipulate you or the children to make that happen. You should be very careful if this is going on because there's a chance that this might turn into parental alienation.

When you have a narcissistic ex, you're going to have to work hard to ensure that the child's needs are put first. Your ex isn't going to do this, which can make things very difficult for you. You will need to ensure that you have a parenting plan that's clear cut and detailed. You can't assume that you'll be able to work out the finer points of parenting with them.

Your children will likely need you to be an empathetic parent because they won't be able to get empathy from their other parent. Try to teach them that they are strong and that their feelings and wishes should be considered. Even if this is difficult at first, it can eventually help the children.

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