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Can a collaborative divorce help you in a custody dispute?

You are going through a divorce, and as expected, you and your spouse do not see eye-to-eye on a number of matters. One of the most complex and contentious is the matter of child custody. Both of you want custody of your children, or at the very least, you want an equal say in decision-making matters and the time that you have with your children. However, you may be hesitant to take your disagreement to court. Like many California parents getting a divorce, you want to avoid exposing your children to the conflict of a court battle, but you also want what is best for them.

3 mistakes to avoid during a child custody dispute

If you are getting a divorce and are unable to work out a parenting plan with your ex, you may find yourself pursuing a child custody order from the court. Dealing with child custody matters through the court may be difficult and confusing at times, meaning mistakes are sometimes easy to make.


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