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California ranks first in the cost of divorce

This year's annual report from 24/7 Wall St. on the cost of getting divorced in each state found something likely not surprising to Californians: We ranked Number 1. After all, we have the third highest cost of living in the country. The states with the highest overall cost of living typically have more expensive divorces -- although not in every case.

How do you include pets in your prenuptial agreement?

Thanks to a new law signed by outgoing Gov. Jerry Brown, beginning in the new year, pets will be considered more than "property" by judges deciding which spouse gets them in a divorce. Judges are directed to consider who can better care for the animal. There's also guidance in the law about making provisions for the pet's "custody" while the terms of the divorce are being worked out.

Prenuptial agreements can protect future businesses

People who have an ownership stake in an established business when they get married typically are advised to get a prenuptial agreement to protect their share of the business should they divorce. However, even if your business idea is still a dream, you should protect it with a prenup.

Pratt, Faris reportedly finalizing their divorce outside of court

Not all celebrity divorces end up in ugly, drawn-out court battles, even when there are considerable assets to be divided. Particularly when there are children involved, many famous couples, like most regular folks, just want to end the marriage and move on with their lives.

Stars' split a reminder of what California divorces entail

Actors Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck have finalized their divorce in Southern California, three years after separating. While most of us don't have their kind of household income – two movie star salaries, after all – the limited details we know about their divorce do provide a blueprint for high-asset divorces in California.

Study claims that more money leads to more divorces

You have likely heard people say that money leads to divorce more often than anything else. You probably assumed it was a lack of money that did it. One spouse has a gambling addiction, puts the family into bankruptcy and the other spouse leaves. That sort of thing.

Disclosing all assets is required to create prenuptial agreement

The creation of a prenuptial agreement is important for people of all income levels when getting married in California. This document will protect not only you but your assets and the assets of your future spouse. This process is only effective when you disclose all of your assets on the financial statement. Let's take a look at what assets you must disclose to ensure the agreement is valid.

What are some warning signs that divorce could be next for me?

Relationships aren't easy. Even the couples that appear to be perfect have their problems behind closed doors. The differences between the couples that last until death and those that wind up getting a divorce are the ones that can be indicators of the marital breakup. So, what are these warning signs that divorce could be next for you?

Common issues disputed in a divorce

Divorce is a word that millions of people hear from their spouse every year in California and the rest of the country. It's always hard to learn that the marriage is coming to an end, even when you knew in your heart that it wasn't succeeding. Today, we will take a look at some of the common issues disputed in a divorce in Fullerton.

How can I control my finances following a divorce?

Getting a divorce is never easy. Even the couples that knew their marriage was over might have had trouble admitting that it was time to cut ties with each other. One of the most challenging parts of returning to the single life is managing your finances. You might have been in charge of the money when married or it might have been your spouse. Either way, there is a new budget to work with now in Fullerton, California.


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