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Common issues disputed in a divorce

Divorce is a word that millions of people hear from their spouse every year in California and the rest of the country. It's always hard to learn that the marriage is coming to an end, even when you knew in your heart that it wasn't succeeding. Today, we will take a look at some of the common issues disputed in a divorce in Fullerton.

How can I control my finances following a divorce?

Getting a divorce is never easy. Even the couples that knew their marriage was over might have had trouble admitting that it was time to cut ties with each other. One of the most challenging parts of returning to the single life is managing your finances. You might have been in charge of the money when married or it might have been your spouse. Either way, there is a new budget to work with now in Fullerton, California.

New study shows increased likelihood for divorce

A new study from Swedish researchers has found an increased likelihood for divorce in women who did not work when they got married or earned less than their husband and then saw their career skyrocket. The study discovered that the couples adhering to traditional gender roles early in the marriage were more likely to wind up divorced compared to couples in an equal relationship when it comes to gender roles.

Determining who gets the pet in a California divorce

Numerous elements of divorce can cause problems and lead to bitter fights. Divorcing spouses might argue over who keeps the house or where the children will live. There could be arguments over spousal support and retirement plans, as well. Fights are not limited to these major elements, either.

What are the risks of filing uncontested divorce?

For many couples, the desire to end a marriage quickly and simply clouds their judgment and leads them to a problematic resolution of their marriage that does not fully protect them or serve either party's interests particularly well. Uncontested divorce, in which both parties agree to a streamlined process and minimal negotiations around property division and any parenting or custody terms, is simply not a good fit for all couples, even if they want it to be.

Factors that determine alimony

If you face divorce and believe that the property division negotiation may include spousal support, it is important to understand the factors that a court may look at to determine fair terms. Spousal support may differ significantly from couple to couple, and is not generally an area of the negotiator that a court allows a couple to completely dictate on their own, although a court may consider spousal support terms that a couple negotiates together.

Prenuptial agreements are not just for the rich

Every couple who chooses to get married should at least consider a prenuptial agreement, for their own sakes and for the sake of their marriage. While many couples still think of prenuptial agreements as something for those remarrying or dealing with significant resources (and they certainly are), the protections that a prenuptial agreement offers may prove invaluable to any couple, no matter who young they are or how few resources they currently possess.

Key divorce deductions are going away soon

Under the new tax laws recently passed in congress, couples who choose to divorce in 2018 could see major changes that affect multiple areas of a divorce negotiation. Most notably, divorces that involve some form of spousal support must now contend with new tax obligations for the paying spouse. To make matters more complicated, these changes take affect on January 1, 2019, meaning that divorces completed within 2018 may favor one party differently than those completed after these rules activate.

Should I continue to run a business with my ex-spouse?

If you face divorce while both you and your spouse own an interest in a business, you may worry that you have no option but to sell the business and start over after the dust settles. Truthfully, this is an approach that many business owners choose, depending on the size and complexity of the business and the others effects, such as employees or vendors.


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