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Spousal support is still common: Here's what you should know

Spousal support is a complex topic, and many people try to avoid it because of the potential for it to be contentious. It is no secret that many people believe that spousal support is outdated. It was originally designed for women who would need to be cared for after a divorce due to limited job prospects. That isn't the reality today for most people, but support may still be necessary.

What should I know about spousal support?

Spousal support might not be something that you've considered asking for in your divorce. However, if you are the lesser-earning spouse, you have put a hold on your career or you just need some financial help as you become a single person again, then spousal support might be right for you.

Maintaining your standard of living after divorce with support

Basically speaking, the standard of living refers to the level of comfort, wealth, goods and necessities that are available to you. When you're looking at your standard of living, you can usually define it as poor, wealthy or somewhere in the middle.

Lump sums of alimony can resolve spousal support requirements

Spousal support sometimes becomes a hot-button issue during a divorce, because one spouse doesn't want to feel that they're still connected to the other. If you receive spousal support, you're essentially relying on your ex-spouse to pay it. If you are expected to pay support, you're supporting a person you no longer want to have a relationship with.

The new spousal support tax rules are almost here

It may seem hard to believe that it's been almost a year since the new tax law was signed by President Trump. The new law does away with tax deductions for spousal support after the end of this year. However, you still have a short time to get your agreement on record and keep the old rules in place.

Can husbands receive spousal support in California?

It is safe to say that most men in today's world still cringe at the thought of receiving spousal support when getting a divorce. Historically, men are breadwinners and should never accept help from their former wives. Fortunately, this antiquated point of view is slowly undergoing a transformation. More men residing in California are willing to consider asking for alimony.


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