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Should you seek spousal support in every case?

If you have a decent job and have worked throughout your marriage, you may not think that it's necessary to seek spousal support. Not being able to support yourself on your own isn't the only reason that you can seek spousal support, though. There are other reasons that you may want to seek support, such as if your spouse was cheating on you and spending your assets down by providing someone else with gifts or dinners, if you supported your spouse through school expecting to join the financial reward of their new career and many others.

With fair spousal support, you can live more comfortably

Are you interested in obtaining spousal support after your divorce? If you're struggling to work out a budget and don't think you can make ends meet without your spouse's support, then it's time to negotiate for a fair amount of spousal support.

Spousal support: Still necessary for many individuals

There are plenty of people who believe that alimony or spousal support no longer has a place in America. Today, both men and women can work. People can own their own property regardless of gender. There are few barriers to women working, and there are almost none for men.

Don't be afraid to talk about spousal support with your attorney

Spousal support isn't necessarily something you're going to be able to live on, but it can be a great help as you try to get on your feet. If you were supporting your spouse in the past but lost your job or raised a family while they worked, it's only fair to ask that they provide you with support while you get your career on track.

How can your reduce or eliminate spousal support payments?

You and your spouse are getting a divorce, and one thing you do not want to have to pay is spousal support. You don't think it's fair to give them any money, especially since they did not work and were not at home supporting your household in any way. You have no children, and you feel like your spouse used you as a free ride.

Deciding on spousal support: The factors involved

If you're going through a divorce, one of the things you may be interested in seeking is spousal support. For example, if you stayed home with your children to raise them and relied on your spouse's income, then you may want to ask for support as you reenter the workforce.

Spousal support: Designed for people who need extra help

Imagine relying on your spouse for everything you need. You might have stopped working to care for your children, due to illness or because of some other cause. Now, when you're totally reliant on their sole income for your family, they come to you and say that they want to get a divorce.


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