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Actors Tatum, Dewan working on custody agreement for daughter

We've talked about the divorces of famous couples here before -- largely to show that divorcing couples, regardless of how much money they have or how famous they are, deal with many of the same legal processes and challenges that all couples do. When they have children, much of the divorce is focused on developing a custody plan.

Developing a parenting plan when 1 parent moves away

It's common for one spouse to move some distance away after a divorce. They may be seeking someplace with a lower cost of living than pricey Southern California. They may want to live near parents, siblings or other family members. Perhaps they opt to take a job that pays better or offers more opportunity for advancement.

Are your kids playing you and your co-parent against each other?

Many children realize at a very young age that they can "play" their parents against one another to get what they want. When parents are separated or divorced, this can be even easier to do. Often, all it takes is to tell one parent that the other won't let them do (or buy) something to get the other parent to agree. Divorced couples are often vying to be the best-loved co-parent, and what better way than to give your child something your ex won't? It's also a good way to get under an ex's skin.

Attorney says Jolie and Pitt have reached child custody agreement

At this point, the divorce of superstar couple Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt has lasted about as long as they were together as a married couple. Interestingly, the Los Angeles County judge who married them in France in 2014 is also overseeing the divorce. His position jurisdiction over the case has been extended until the end of next year.

How divorced parents can help avoid the holiday blues

If this is your first holiday season as a separated or divorced parent, you're likely facing the prospect of not being with your kids on the holidays themselves or not seeing them every day throughout their winter break. Maybe they're even going away for a few days or longer with your co-parent. You can minimize your holiday blues and help your kids enjoy the season with some planning.

How an alcohol monitoring system can help you gain custody rights

It's common for alcohol abuse to lead to marital issues and to ultimately end a marriage. If a couple with children is divorcing, a spouse's alcohol consumption can cause issues for them in gaining custody or visitation rights to their children.

What constitutes interference with parenting time?

Child custody and support are two of the most challenging aspects of divorcing with children. In the best case scenario, parents work together to come up with an agreement that meets the needs of everyone -- particularly the children. Once they reach an agreement, parents often feel a significant amount of relief. However, in some cases, child custody and support problems continue to occur.

California Supreme Court rules for children seeking asylum

The California Supreme Court has ruled in favor of children seeking asylum, according to a recent news report from August 2018. The court, which overturned rulings from a trial court and an appellate court, issued a ruling that said children who are seeking asylum only have to notify their foreign parent if they plan to reside in the United States.


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