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Sick kid at home? Visitation may, or may not, have to wait

One of the biggest questions with custody is what to do if your child falls ill. While many parents plan for the odd sick day here and there, a child who needs more medical care might cause the custody schedule you come up with to bend until it breaks.

Missing 3-year-old child found in California

It can be scary to think about a child being taken from your custody by another parent. Perhaps they don't have custody and only get supervised visits, or maybe they do receive custody but have made comments that made you think that you one day wouldn't see your child again.

Negotiate and create a child support plan that works

When you are separating from your spouse, one of the last things you want to think about is paying them for getting to spend more time with your children. Still, as a parent, it is your responsibility to make sure that your children are cared for.

Can children say who they want to live with in court?

When you think about children having to go to court during their parents' divorce, you can imagine how complicated everything may seem to them. Children can be overwhelmed by court, which is why they are not normally part of the process.

Can you withhold custody if child support isn't paid?

Child custody and child support are two completely different aspects of your agreement with the other parent. On one hand, you have a plan that dictates when you see your child and when they see the other parent. On the other hand, you expect payments to be made on schedule in accordance with the court order.

Guidelines are used for child support, but many factors matter

Child support is sometimes a contentious issue because it can cost one parent a lot of money every month. They may feel it's unfair to both raise their child and pay the other parent for their care. It's understandable, but child support does have an important role to play for children of divorce.

How should you set up a toddler's custody schedule?

When your children are young, you may not be sure how to set up custody in a way that is best for them. You know it's important for them to have a routine and stability. You also know that it's important that they see both parents.

Understand your child's best interests

When a judge talks to you about a child's best interests, what they're referring to is the best actions for the health and happiness of your child. If you are speaking to a mediator, your attorney or others, they will ask what you believe will be in your child's best interests when deciding custody.


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