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When should you become a legal guardian?

If you are asked to take over the care of a child in your life, then you may be someone who is looking into guardianship. It might be necessary for a minor to live with you instead of a parent, and in that case, you may be able to become a legal guardian.

Choose the right conservator for your loved ones

A guardianship or conservatorship is a legal title for when a person is appointed to manage the financial or daily affairs of another person. The individual they care for, called the conservatee, might have physical or mental limitations or be elderly. One might also be appointed to take care of a minor child.

Are guardianships and conservatorships the same thing?

Unless you are employed in the legal field or have been involved in a legal action, much of the terminology is confusing. This is especially so in the family law field, which introduces residents to many previously unheard of legal terms. Two of these terms – guardianships and conservatorships – can arise within the family law area of practice in the state of California.

How can I provide for my disabled child's future?

Do you have a disabled child? Whether your child has a mental or physical disability, you will likely want to do everything possible to provide for their future. There's so much that goes into caring for a disabled child, including at-home renovations, the purchase of equipment, live-in care and more. So, how can you provide for your disabled child's future?

What is a guardian ad litem in California?

The topic of guardianship is an important one, especially when putting together your estate plan. Finding someone to be the guardian of your children is crucial to planning your life because you just never know when the plan might need to go into effect. An important term you need to know is guardian ad litem. So what is a guardian ad litem in California?

Tips for asking someone to be your child's guardian

If you are putting together your estate plan, which includes your will, you are going to have to choose a guardian for any minor children. This can be a difficult process, especially if you are worried about hurting the feelings of a family member or friend if you do not choose them. You will want to choose someone you trust and someone whom your children love. Once you make the decision, here are some tips for asking that person to be the guardian of your children.

Tips for choosing a guardian for your children

Choosing a guardian for your children in Fullerton, California, can be a difficult process. You likely have quite a few qualified people from which to choose, all of whom love your children as if they were their own. This can complicate matters even further. It's bad enough that you need to have this conversation with your spouse and eventually the person/people you choose. Here are some tips to make the selection process a little easier.

Pros and cons of an adult conservatorship in California

In some instances, legal adults lose or never achieve the ability to care for themselves sufficiently. That leads those who love them to consider an adult guardianship, which is called a conservatorship in California. This form of protection for a person with limited abilities for self care comes with its own set of advantages and disadvantages, all of which deserve careful consideration before pursuing conservatorship for an individual in need.


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