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Lump sums of alimony can resolve spousal support requirements

Spousal support sometimes becomes a hot-button issue during a divorce, because one spouse doesn't want to feel that they're still connected to the other. If you receive spousal support, you're essentially relying on your ex-spouse to pay it. If you are expected to pay support, you're supporting a person you no longer want to have a relationship with.

The new spousal support tax rules are almost here

It may seem hard to believe that it's been almost a year since the new tax law was signed by President Trump. The new law does away with tax deductions for spousal support after the end of this year. However, you still have a short time to get your agreement on record and keep the old rules in place.

Can husbands receive spousal support in California?

It is safe to say that most men in today's world still cringe at the thought of receiving spousal support when getting a divorce. Historically, men are breadwinners and should never accept help from their former wives. Fortunately, this antiquated point of view is slowly undergoing a transformation. More men residing in California are willing to consider asking for alimony.

Spousal support options in the state of California

As you know, receiving spousal support can make all the difference in your ability to support yourself and even thrive after getting divorced. Over the years, alimony in the U.S. has undergone several reformations to give both spouses more flexibility in how they pay and receive spousal support.

Explaining how spousal support is calculated by the court

As you work through your divorce proceedings in Fullerton, you will eventually come to the discussion of spousal support, or alimony. This can wind up being a very difficult conversation, especially if your spouse doesn't want to pay the amount you need to live on your own until you can get back on your feet. Let's take a look at how spousal support is calculated by the court.

Using alimony to learn a new career

Going through a divorce can be challenging, especially if you had no idea your marriage was in trouble. Some people simply don't want to be married and regret getting married in the first place. This doesn't change how you will receive spousal support. The court will determine how much you receive and for how long you receive the payments. Here's how you can use alimony to learn a new career.

Explaining how alimony is affected by tax reform

The alimony deduction will be affected by tax reform. What does this mean for you as a recipient of alimony? What does it mean for you as the payor of alimony? There are some very important items you need to know regarding tax reform and how it affects your ability to deduct alimony on your tax return. We will take a look at the requirements in today's post so you know if you are eligible to list the payments as a deduction in California.

Common uses for spousal support payments

Spousal support is a common part of divorce in California. It is also known as alimony and is only paid by one person to the other person. It can be ordered by a court or it can be agreed upon by the divorcing couple and recorded in their arrangement. Once it is finalized, it will need to be followed or else the parties could find themselves in court. Here are some common uses for spousal support payments:

Standards of living and their effect on alimony

The process of moving on from divorce can prove particularly difficult, especially if you are not the primary income provider in your marriage. To address this frequent difficulty, and the prospect of transitioning into life as a single person with all the increase in expense that may bring, courts often award some form of alimony. Alimony awards intend to alleviate the financial pressures of divorce on a spouse who does not have the resources to provide for him or herself, or as a measure of compensation to a spouse who sacrificed personal enrichment for the sake of a marriage.


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